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"This is so perfect! Sharing kindness and inspiring others to spread positivity and love is exactly what this world needs!" -Jenn C. from Maryland, USA

👥 Who are Uncle Clay and Bronson?
We're "actual" uncle and nephew and co-founders of
Uncle Clay's House of Pure Aloha, a Hawaiian treat shop in Honolulu, Hawai'i. With roots going four generations deep, we aim to celebrate the magic and beauty of Hawai'i and to cultivative as much Pure Aloha as we can!

🌏 Why do we do this?
In November 2020, due to all the suffering brought from the global pandemic, we were inspired to find new digital ways of reaching more people through a newsletter that could help deliver Pure Aloha healing, hope, and light.

💌 What is a Pure Aloha 1-1-1 issue like?
Great question! Here's a past issue to give you an idea.

🖼 What is the Pure Aloha Oath?
Written by us in 2010 to best encapsulate what Pure Aloha means and to help anyone commit to living Pure Aloha.

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